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Do you listen to music when your creative vibs are working?

I do.

Whether it’s slinging paint, weaving a basket, printmaking, collage….the very best music I’ve found is:

John Williams Plays Bach

Trust me on this one. You can’t go wrong. You will thank me.

Check it out on Amazon or your favorite site & see what you think.

I’m open to suggestions. What music do you prefer when your creative spirit is moving?


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Chalk it up to another coincidence? Today’s choice for my morning libations was a mug from  Dallas, TX, in the year of or near to 1999. Bob Dylan and Paul Simon (a rather unlikely combo) were in concert. Loved the mug – had to get one. It’s one of those comfy truck stop/greasy spoon mugs that just fits the hand & the drink doesn’t dribble down the side when you sip. bob dylan tea

So as I’m drinking my coffee/and later tea/ and bouncing around the internet….I come across a notation on Losanjealous that Bob Dylan & His Band are playing at The Palladium tonight & tomorrow night. Were I  in L.A. – I’d go see him again. And tickets are a paltry $56.50. Ouch, Bob. But I’m really glad he’s still doing tours. It was a great show in ’99 (even though I heard someone near us joking that they wondered if they’d have to prop him up) and I’m sure the current show is even better.

I came upon another slightly funny bit of information this morning on the Rolling Stone site…. In the same year, apparently the duo was fined for playing too long. Who knew… Go check it out.

And if you’re in L.A. – go check out Bob for me. Thanks.

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