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Do you listen to music when your creative vibs are working?

I do.

Whether it’s slinging paint, weaving a basket, printmaking, collage….the very best music I’ve found is:

John Williams Plays Bach

Trust me on this one. You can’t go wrong. You will thank me.

Check it out on Amazon or your favorite site & see what you think.

I’m open to suggestions. What music do you prefer when your creative spirit is moving?


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Who doesn’t love baskets?!

We all do. I bet you have at least ONE basket in your house. I have several. I’ve had them over the years that have served both utilitarian and decorative purposes.

I recently saw a beautiful basket in a gallery that had an antler handle. As I looked at it…I was like, “yeah…I can do that.” I hope I can at least come close.

So before I even had books or supplies, I was collecting drift wood and antlers for handles. I really like the thought of incorporating natural materials into the designs.

So off I went to the local Hobby Lobby to pick up some basket making supplies. I walked all over that huge store – through aisle after aisle of household decoratives. Alas, no basket making supplies. Apparently Hobby Lobby needs to change its name. Not only my local store, but four others in the state had no basket making supplies. Nor did a hobby store called Michaels. Interesting. Sad.

With no other recourse, I went to the internet. I first ordered a book written by Lyn Siler entitled, “ The Basket Book: Over 30 Magnificent Baskets To Make and Enjoy.” After a bit of searching, I found Oklahoma Basket Supply. And fortunately for me, it was a mere 80 miles from where I live. I made my way there yesterday. Marcia Balleweg is the owner of Oklahoma Basket Supply. She has been weaving for 17 years and has been teaching for 12 years.  It was so nice to meet her and see her gorgeous baskets. She’s won awards for them at Fiberworks and at the Oklahoma State Fair.  Marcia was very kind and helpful in setting me up with some supplies for my first efforts in basket making – plus a couple fantastic books! Thank you, Marcia!  I’m eager to pour over my new books & get started on this adventure.

Are you a basket maker? Do you have a site or blog?  If you are, I’d love to hear from you. Just point me to it.

Basket Weaving 101: My daughter tells me, “You know, that’s the oldest joke of all time, right?” I said, ‘YES! And I’d love to take that class.”

Stay tuned for followups. I’ll be posting photos of the process as it happens.

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Ah yes…such a fantastic quote by Ambrose Bierce, who is best known for The Devil’s Dictionary. Now, after finding his definition of painting, I’m going to have to read more of his work.The guy was a genius.

My daughter and I just wrapped up an amazing, art intensive weekend. This is the third such time we’ve rented a cabin at a state park and loaded it with almost every conceivable art material out there. Okay, that’s not quite true. But be assured that we had baskets of collage materials; scissors, acrylic paints; brushes; markers; colored pencils; drawing pads; matte medium; a wide assortment of stretched canvas; work tables; lamps; work stools; a laptop loaded with photos and classical music;  etc. etc. etc.cabin-20

That’s right…we take nothing to chance. We know we’re going to need lots of light. So we not only take the extra lamps, but extra bulbs…just in case. Wouldn’t you?

It doesn’t take us long to get all of the cabin furniture out of the way, and replace it with our own ‘work’ furniture. So in the space of just a few minutes, the space becomes ours.  As working artists, it’s not the amount of time we have, but the ‘un-interrupted time’ that lends itself so well to that creative drive. We have the fridge & pantry well stocked; we have all the supplies we could ever want/need and we know our time is our own. Period. Amazing feeling, that.

good-morning-art-studioThis was the first time to this particular state park and the cabin exceeded our hopes. We had a whole wall of north facing windows! Absolutely an artist’s dream lighting situation. But of course the lamps took us well into the wee morning hours of creativity.

So after two full days & three nights of working….we hated to see the weekend come to an end. But we’re so stoked now, that we want to schedule another one soon. Of course we’ll be working in our respective home studios in the mean time…but it’s just not the same. Not.

So here you have a sample of our hard work. And I should mention, that the cabin had a flat screen TV with an endless channel selection. And we never had it on.

red chair

"Fort Garland: The Red Chair" by Lela Bouse-McCracken 12x12 Mixed Media


"Temporarily" by Alison Fowler: 24x24 Mixed Media

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